How to begin planning a wedding and keep it stress free?


Here are a few suggestions to help you achieve your dream wedding.

A good idea when planning a wedding is to focus on the bespoke.  Most couples have a color preference, favorite flowers, and certain music or food choices that get a top spot on the list of ‘must haves’ for the wedding. These particulars are the starting point for the design concepts; a reflection of tastes revealed in the designs created for the special wedding day.  

Focus on what appeals to your sense of style. Do you have a favorite time of year, what colors do you gravitate towards, where did you meet, do you have a pet? If you focus on answering key questions you will be able to bring your vision for the day to life. If summer is your favorite time of year and you met at the seashore and zinnias are your favorite flower then move in that direction. Oceanside venue with bright summer flowers with your dog strutting down the aisle (the ring bearer) wearing a collar of zinnias.

I recently had a phone conversation with a young woman about her wedding plans. I started by asking her some key questions about her decision making process and then I just sat back and listened. I knew she would enjoy chatting about all of her hopes and dreams as well as the how and why’s of what would work for her and her fiancé. Did they want a tented wedding, how many guests would attend (some venues have accommodation restrictions), did they want a country location with rustic styled features or a classic elegant affair to remember? If I am going to be a good fit as a planner and/or florist then it’s important that we commence planning with an understanding and clear communication of desires so that I am able to guide you through each step.

A phone call works best! If I can’t ask questions to ascertain details then how can I proceed to guide correctly? It’s a new age of Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. All helpful social media tools. However, an email is not as expeditious as a phone call. Many times one phone call can answer all my questions, the voice speaks volumes and gives insight into a person’s character: now I hear you, I know how to start the design concepts! 

Saving money and utilizing local flowers are two important criteria for young couples today. I grow many flowers at my organically-managed farm- Hawthorn Hollow- in Newcastle Maine. Young couples as they start the plans for a life together often time need to be budget conscious. So please don’t hesitate to be clear of the amount that you have allocated for your wedding. It’s the first order of business …“How much can we spend?”  Once this has been established the other decisions to be made fall into place without risk of making poor choices in selections for vendors and wedding sites.