Think Spring! what flowers are in season for weddings?


Spring wedding flowers tend toward pastel tones, muted colors and subtle delicate petals. The light feathery branches of Spirea ’Bridal Veil’ or ‘Snowmound’, soft blue Muscari ‘Blue Spike’  and wispy pale pink Astilbe ‘Venus’ to name a few favorite spring flowers we use in some of our wedding bouquets. 


Poppies with their paper-like quality and the rounded heads of ranunculus combine with lacey sweet peas for a winning combination in many of our spring arrangements. 


At Gilmartin Design we grow a variety of sweet peas; my favorite ‘Henry Eckford’ an orange variety and beautiful white Muscari (grape hyacinth) along with the magnificent white tulip ‘White Trumpetor’. To add height to Spring wedding arrangements we grow a pale peachy/apricot pink flowering quince (Chaenomeles speciosa ‘Cameo’). These tall flowering branches along with pink/coral peonies-everyone’s favorite Spring blossom- combine with soft peach French tulips and dusty blue delphiniums to make a stunning display when arranged in a garden urnand placed at the entry hall of the wedding reception.


Texture plays an important role in our creations for Maine weddings.We propagate several varieties of scented geraniums for use in our tablescapes. The rose scented fragrant leaves or the crisp scent of lemon are perfect when used with the floppy round heads of green Viburnum the table centerpieces. 


This year the color trend for 2016 has been awarded to two colors; Serenity (pale dusty blue) and Rose Quartz (pale soft pink). So don’t be surprised if you see many wedding dress fabrics, napkins and jewelry displaying these colors. We’ll be using this theme in our flower displays at the tasting on April 23rd at Point Lookout Conference Center. Hope to see you there!