Weddings ~ trends for 2018~ Bohemian style!

It's engagement season and I'm very excited about the new design concepts for 2018 weddings. The interest in the unconventional, personalized wedding has been prevalent over the last decade. But never before has it evolved with such pizazz. Couples are now planning without feeling restricted by their informal style an unconventional tastes.. It's almost as if the unconventional was the norm!

I've seen boutonnieres change from stephanotis and roses to pods and berries; bouquets in cascading shapes in holders to horizontal combinations with succulents and grasses. The new bohemian style uses very bold, deep contrasting colors. A citron green with deep orange and plum with cherry reds, rich pinks and deep greys. It's just wonderful that couples now are unafraid to get creative and make use of these unusual color combinations with very casual seating plans and very casual ceremony decor.

The use of macrame entwined with branches and flowers suspended for the ceremony "arbor" truly brings the informal setting to new heights. The flower combinations incorporate proteas, pods, feathers and big round shaped blossoms. 

I also think that velvet ribbon and rich blanket looking table fabrics will be very popular. The old pillar candle or floating candle has been replaced with taper candles. And my new favorite; black tapers!!! I just can't get enough of them. The black works with gold, copper, silvers and really makes a great statement on the table. And overhead flowers continue to play an important roll. The idea of terra cotta pots hung in macrame holders filled with big colorful blooms is a very fun an informal way to create the new "chandelier" over the head table.