Maine Destination Weddings

Maine is vacation land and the summer increase of population is evident more and more each year. However, the lure of a Fall wedding in Maine has become an equally important time of year to the couples planning a destination wedding. The outside campfire, crisp air and the changing colors of the trees bring those couples who truly desire to create an event that takes place in beautiful outdoor surroundings while allowing their personal touches- rustic yet elegant or woodsy yet glamorous- to shine forth on their special day.

As the daylight decreases and the wedding ceremony is held much closer to fading daylight it is very important to consider the advantages of ways to create very wonderful lighting and gorgeous photo opportunities illuminated by the warm glow of candles and Sparklers, yes Sparklers!

As the couple emerge from the ceremony aisle and all the guests hold lit sparklers that create a glow to walk under the effect is dazzling, even Black and White photos become extra special. There are new 36” long sparklers that hold their light for at least 3 minutes. In less than 30 seconds you can have all the sparklers lit by lighting only 5 sparklers and handing them to 5 guests who in turn use them to light the other unlit sparklers of each guest.

Using amber tones for candles and lanterns add to the atmosphere. Mini pumpkins with ornamental kales and cabbages make wonderful vignettes. And don’t forget feathers! They work so well massed in an antique wire or metal containers with trailing vines and berries and mosses.

Don’t fret that you’ll end up with a “Harvest-Hop” type of look. Subtle shades of apricots combined with the more rust/ gold/copper/burgundy tones becomes quite elegant when done with just the right flair. Gold or copper chargers, black taper candles and soft linens in subtle shades that pool over the wood tables create a fantastic look that is elegant and rustic at the same time.

By adding what some consider very formal- orchids, to a more woodsy combination of pods, mosses and feathers with grasses you wind up with a very impressive display, especially by using the chocolate cymbidiums.

It’s so important to utilize the right combinations of colors, add just the right atmosphere through creative lighting to achieve a truly memorable event that brings together family and friends and reflects the personalities of the couples who have traveled to Maine for their destination wedding. That’s what it is all about- warm, fun, genuine good times!